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The Warning – The information portal on the subject of warnings because of file sharing / copyright infringement

The instrument of the warning is not new. In the past, warnings were mainly issued between entrepreneurs for reasons of competition, trademark and copyright law. In recent years, with the advent of file-sharing exchanges, the broad mass of the population has been confronted with warnings for the first time.

In the meantime, several hundred thousand warnings are issued every year because of file sharing / copyright infringements through the use of file sharing networks.

What can you do when you receive a warning?

The law firm gulden röttger | Rechtsanwälte is a law firm specializing in copyright law, among other things. We process several thousand file sharing mandates a year and are familiar with the legal and actual problems associated with a warning for file sharing. Under the point warning help you can find out how to contact us and what we can do for you to end such a warning in a legally secure manner.

Who warns what?

There are a large number of law firms and lawyers who warn the illegal distribution of copyrighted files for various rights holders. Under the point warning law firms you will find a list of law firms and lawyers who issue warnings because of file sharing. In the respective law firm/lawyer profile you will find a list of the rights holders represented and the titles that have been warned.

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